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Closing Site Visions will close on April 7, 2019 when the domain expires.

The exception to this is the fanfic sections. Weaver Of Dreams and Land Of Dreams – and – will remain open although at a new URL which will be announced later

I’ve been thinking about closing this site for about three and a half years now, and it’s finally come the time to take that step. I just can’t muster the motivation anymore, partly due to personal reasons, and partly due to the fact that I haven’t enjoyed Oded’s latest projects that much, as well as the lack of publicity and interviews. I just really want to switch to being just a casual fan of Oded’s. I’m very sad about closing the site… but also can’t wait for the freedom.

forex affiliate programs list the two fanfic sites, and so feel more of a responsibility for them as well as simply not wanting to lose all the wonderful fic hosted on them. A lot of that fic isn’t available anywhere else. So that is why I will keep the fanfic sites going, and WOD will still accept submissions from our existing authors.

Big thanks to my co-mod Desert_Rose14 for helping me especially with the forums, and providing screencaps. If it wasn’t for her help, I’d propably have shut the site down a few years ago already.

crypto affiliate here will remain open and available until the domain expires on April 7, 2019. Be sure to download everything you want to save to your own computer on or before April 6, 2019.

If there is anyone at all who is interested in adopting this site, please contact me at I’d be very happy to see this site continue in someone else’s care!

Questions and comments welcome at

Enchanted Visions

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The First Premiere

Added 3 HQ photos of Oded attending The First Premiere on September 12th.

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Slow Server

I’m sorry for the slowness of several of my sites recently. It’s due to the server being busy because of so many busy sites. My host will be adding two new servers, and will move many sites from the current server to the new ones to ease server load. This should make all sites faster again. They’ll be working on this the next several days, including the weekend.

I don’t know yet whether my sites will be moved or not. I’ll let you know once I know. Some sites, such the Xena and The Vampire Diaries sites, the gallery is so slow when I try to add pics  that it’s next to impossible to do it until it’s working better. So no updates at least on those particularly slow galleries until the server load eases.